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We're Famous!

Did you know The Ghillie Kettle Company made our television debut in 2016 when we were featured on The Discovery Channels 'How it's Made'? The show was aired all over the world and highlighted the craftsmanship employed in each kettle.  


Wind forward two years and we starred on ITV's 'Made in Britain'. This time, in addition to learning about the kettles, the owners, Maggie and Steve, also shared some of their knowledge. 

We're not saying we're famous, but if you want Maggies autograph, there's a queue!

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What is Traditional Hand Spun Metal Spinning?

Traditional Metal Spinning is, by definition, the practise of forming a flat metal disc on a lathe into the desired shape.

The process is accomplished by using a spinning lathe. Our skilled and experienced spinners manipulate a flat piece of aluminium over a specially designed chuck to create the components that make up our Ghillie Kettles.


The process can be likened to that of a master potter at a wheel. The metal is made malleable through high-speed rotation. A localised force is then applied to the disc, cause it to flow over the block. 

Meet The Team

Meet the team

Maggie Belcher - Director

Maggie has worked in the metal spinning sector for the last twenty years, and if there's something she really knows, it's Ghillie Kettles. 

In addition to helping run the company, Maggie also oversees quality assurance, distribution and packaging.


So next time you open your new Ghillie and see the 'Made in UK' sticker on the front, remember, it's more than likely been put there by Maggie!

Manufacturer of Ghillie-Kettles

Steve Belcher - Director

Steve has been metal spinning for over 45 years. He began his apprenticeship at age sixteen and has been honing his skills ever since.


A true craftsman, unlike many of his competitors, Steve applies traditional hand-spinning techniques when producing each kettle.

In addition to running the company and spinning kettles, Steve is also responsible for introducing a number of new initiatives, including Ghillies signature whistle! 




Watch The Discovery Channels 'How it's Made' Episode Featuring Ghillie Kettles 


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The Ghillie Kettle Company, Unit 8 Weights Lane, Redditch, B97 6RG, United Kingdom

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