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The kettle can be used in harsh, wet and windy conditions.  It's simple to use and doesn't require gas or any other artificial fuels. Just use twigs, fir cones, dry leaves and/or newspaper. 

Ghillie Kettles are the only kettle of this design to include a whistle. This essential safety feature to alert you to the water boiling.


  • Pour water into the spout to approx. 5-10ml below the spout. Warning: do not overfill and do not light when empty.


  • Place the whistle on the spout. Do not push or force it on.


  • Place your fuel into the base, this can be newspaper, twigs, fir cones, etc.


  • Light carefully and immediately place the kettle on the base. Once lit the flames will rise through the middle of the chimney. 


  • The hole at the side of the bottom of the pan allows more twigs, paper etc. to be added and also allows oxygen to be absorbed as the flames rise (you can also add fuel through the centre of the chimney).

  • When your kettle boils the whistle will sound. Never approach the kettle from the front, gently lift the kettle from the heat source and carefully remove the whistle to pour the water from the spout. 

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