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A builder sitting on top of a hight tree stump with their Ghillie Kettle


The Ghillie Kettle has produced camping kettles for centuries and at Ghillie Kettle they're still handmade in the age old traditional way.


We do however have one unique feature! All of our Ghillie Kettles come complete with their own whistle. This adds to a safer product as you know exactly when the kettle reaches boiling point.


All of our Kettles are delivered in their own storage sack and are supplied with full instructions. The Ghillie Kettle is ideal for Camping, Fishing, Hiking and any outdoor activity. Able to be used in harsh conditions even Wet and Windy. It is quick, durable and simple to use with no need for gas or artificial fuel : Use twigs, fir cones, dry leaves and news paper.


All of our Anodized Kettles are Hard Anodized, the result being is that you get a thicker stronger coating which is about 2-4 times stronger than the normal anodizing process. It's about as close as you can get to titanium while still using a easily machineable aluminum.


Ghillie Camping Kettles are exported WorldWide (our preferential export license number is GB 15728 / 12)





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