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If it hasn’t got a whistle then it isn’t a Ghillie!

We export WorldWide, our preferential export license number is GB 15728 / 12

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The Ghillie Kettle has been produced for centuries and we still manufacture them in the age old traditional way. We do however have one unique feature - all of our Kettles come complete with its own whistle. This adds to a safer product as you know exactly when the kettle reaches boiling point.

All of our Kettles are delivered in their own storage sack and are supplied with full instructions. The Ghillie Kettle is ideal for Camping, Fishing, Hiking and any outdoor activity. Able to be used in harsh conditions even Wet and Windy. It is quick, durable and simple to use with no need for gas or artificial fuel : Use twigs, fir cones, dry leaves and news paper.

All of our Anodized Kettles are Hard Anodized, the result being is that you get a thicker stronger coating which is about 2-4 times stronger than the normal anodizing process. It's about as close as you can get to titanium while still using a easily machineable aluminum.

Hard Anodised


In 2015, Ghillie Kettle Co has changed its hard anodising process by removing the dye used to give the dark grey/black appearance.

This reasoning for the removal of dye is purely based on environmental grounds and has no effect on the performance of the Ghillie Kettle. However the removal of the dye does lead to slight variance of colour caused by the hard anodizing process.

The Ghillie Kettles are still Hard anodized to BS.ISO.1007 and 30-40 microns deep (which complies with British Food standard), but are now silver/grey in colour.

Hard Anodized Ghillie Kettles are still guaranteed for 10 years, subject to normal wear and tear; a certificate of conformity is available on request.

Angling world comment...



“I came across your wonderful kettle earlier in the year while I was on a fishing trip to Rutland Waters. It is a truly amazing bit of kit and I could not believe how well it worked even on the wettest of days. We enjoyed a nice cup of tea while on the shores during our break from fishing” testimonial from Tobyn Smyth - Glasgow Angling World.



The Ghillie Kettle™ is now a Registered Trademark

Using our preferential export license no. GB 15728 / 12 we can now export Worldwide, with the advantage that these following locations will pay NO import duty : Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Ceuta, Melilla, Israel, Faroe Islands, Macedoia, Andorra, South Africa, Mexico, Croatia, Jordan, Chile, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria, Albania, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Turkey, The West Bank, Gaza Strip, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Cariforum States, Serbia and South Korea!










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